Tuesday, 17/04/2018 Kathryn Harley 'Hypodontia-Restorative management in the young patient' Savile Club
Tuesday, 17/04/2018 AGM of the LDF followed by LDF meeting. TBC Savile Club
Tuesday, 20/03/2018 Members Pearls' Tom Bereznicki-TBC
Peter Gordon-TBC
LDF Member-TBC
Savile Club
Tuesday, 20/02/2018 Matthew Garrat 'Cosmetic conundrums and sensible solutions in Restorative Dentistry.' Savile Club
Tuesday, 16/01/2018 Spyros Kouris The CAD/CAM & 3D Printing Revolution Savile Club
Tuesday, 21/11/2017 Stefano Fedele Medication related Osteo-radionecrosis of the Jaw Savile Club
Tuesday, 10/10/2017 Claire Nightingale Tales of the Unexpected Savile Club

Venue: The Savile Club

LDF Committee 2017-2018

President: John Minot
Immediate Past President: Peter Fairbairn
Secretary: Naj Hussain
Treasurer: Anil Shrestha
Committee Members: Stephen Orlans, Claire Nightingale, Member Vacancy
Senior Members Representative: Peter Gordon